Plant Based Fitness Trainer – Hiring the Right One!

Hiring a fitness trainer helps you reach your goals in an expedited time frame, relative to you designing your own fitness and nutritional plan. The plan should align with your own goals, but also be a plan that promotes safety and sustainability. However, you can’t just rely on anyone, or you would end up wasting your hard-earned money, and time. There are some considerations to keep in mind while hiring a plant based fitness trainer or any fitness trainer.

How to Hire the Right Fitness Trainer?


Starting with checking the credentials is always a good idea. A fitness trainer should never hesitate to show you the license, certifications, or any documents related to experience. A trainer certified through The American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), or the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) should be the certifications that you focus on. It would also be helpful to understand the personal trainers educational background, outside of the certification. Someone with a degree in exercise science or life sciences are in a better position to understand how training and nutrition impact the body.  


Especially with a plant based personal fitness trainer, it important to understand your personal trainer’s thoughts on a plant based lifestyle. There are many trainers in the field who say they work with the plant based community, but if they’re not plant based themselves, it may be challenging to have them relate to your specific needs.  Also, the more years a trainer is in the fitness industry, the more experienced he becomes. As they say, practice makes perfect; you can rely on a trainer who has been training for years. 


The personality of the trainer should be in a way that screams his accomplishments. He should be looking fit, well-maintained, and overall spreading the positive vibes that make your intuition say “Yes.” Also, get an understanding of what the personal trainer specializes in. If you are looking to get lean, it doesn’t make sense to work with a trainer who specializes in power lifting. The best fit for a trainer is one whose program and philosophy mirrors your goals. Of course it is also important that your trainer embodies what it means to be fit.  Trainers with a social media account that highlights their nights out drinking, likely doesn’t embody the values that you require in a personal trainer to be successful. 


As you are searching for a trainer to help you in your  plant based transformation, your coach should be experienced on best practices for yielding results. Start a conversation and ask some basic questions such as how often do you design a plant-based diet, how many clients you have who follow the same routine, and what is the source of knowledge. 

These questions would give you a clear idea if he knows the stuff or not. Also, do your homework about the plant-based diet so your questions are readily available. Even someone that is familiar with a plant based diet may not understand the macronutrient requirement to transform your body. A qualified personal trainer will help provide insight on the types and timing of foods to help you reach your goals. 

Red Flags to Look for Before Hiring a Trainer

There are some things that you should watch out for because they are red flags. Seeing these things means you should look for another trainer.

If your trainer does not look well-maintained or if he is fat

If he is not curious about you, your lifestyle, food, and overall routine

If he does not seem to have proper credentials or experience in the type of training that you want

If they do not behave professional such as they agree to meet you just anywhere

If they are not making any efforts and only instructing you

If they seem to waste your time such as only stretching for 20 minutes

If they are not making any changes to the workout or diet

If they are on their phone most of the times

Wrap up

Getting on a call with a trainer and walking through your questions and advising him of your goals will allow you to get an understanding if he is the right person you want as your coach. Keep in mind that hiring a personal trainer is a two way street. A good trainer will work closely with you to put you in the best position to accomplish to your goals. At the end of the day, you will need to execute on the plan to transform your body to the physique you want.

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