4 Easy Steps to Help with Your Transition to a Plant Based Diet

Let 2020 be the year you positively impact your life and your surroundings 

Switching from the traditional animal-based diet to a plant based diet will have a positive impact on your physical health. 

To ensure that you are in the best position to succeed with your plant based fitness transformation, we can walk through some items to prepare for.

For some it can entail cooking more at home, waste less food, or making a very different choice.

It is the year to try vegan diet, whether it is moving slowly in the world of plant-based diet or moving completely from non-vegetarian to a vegetarian diet.

Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle

Some individual can easily switch to a plant based life styleovernight and never feel the need to go back. Not everyone can go cold turkey with and cut out all animal based products. 

Let’s take a look at the four best tips for the individual to move towards a vegan diet.

Take it slow 

Start with small steps. Cut out animal products at breakfast (milk, eggs, etc.) and then continue to transition to the other meals throughout the day. Once you become proficient at this, start moving to plant-based days – Monday will be 100% plant based. This will allow your body to adapt to the changes in food intake and also allow for consistent progression

Set your own goals. Don’t allow others to dictate what you should or should not be doing. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to fully adapt the plant based lifestyle, as long as you’re taking actionable steps to reach your goals then you’re on the right path  

Choose Dishes You Love

Be sure to incorporate the foods you love into your day. Example, if you’re a fan of Sheppard’s Pie then make the vegan version of Sheppard’s Pie, which is substituting the ground meat for lentils and substituting the dairy milk for a non-dairy alternative. 

Use fake meat to your advantage. The food industry has started to recognize the trend as more of us are adopting a plant based lifestyle. As such, there are now a plethora of options that are at our disposal to make the transition easier. Like meatballs? There are numerous plant based meatball brands out there that pair perfectly with your pasta  

Meal plan. Taking the guess work out of what you’re going to eat on a daily basis will help you reach your goals. Personally, Sunday morning are the time that my wife and I walk through every meal that we’re going to have for the week. We do our food shopping based upon that meal plan list. Our plant based shopping list not only not only allows us to hit our nutrition goals for the week, it gives us one less thing to think about when juggling family, work and the kids sporting events throughout the week 

Get Creative

Try new things. Before transitioning to a plant based lifestyle, I wouldn’t eat anything spicy. Now that my taste buds have evolved, one of my favorite dishes is a Moroccan Stew, which is loaded with veggies, beans and spices! 

Get everyone involved. My 4-year-old is a super picky eater. However, things seem to go down easier for her when she is involved in the process of cooking. One of her favorite meals to make with me is a vegan pizza. Her and I will toss the dough, spread the sauce and sprinkle on the cashew cheese before putting the pizza in the oven. 

Learn to Work with Tofu and Tempeh

Get in your protein. Vegan protein goes far beyond the typical soy foods, which includes different legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains. However, you can never beat tofu and tempeh for meaty texture and complete protein in meatless dishes.

Tofu goes with everything. When making my transition to the plant based lifestyle, I wasn’t the biggest fan of tofu. However, now that I’ve realized how to cook it, I use it all the time! Tofu is like a sponge that soaks up the flavor you put around it and it can also take on the texture of some of your favorite animal based food. One example is a tofu ricotta. Simply put a block of tofu in the blender with nutritional yeast, plant based milk, salt and pepper and viola, you just made a perfectly plant based blend to bake into your lasagna! 

Wrap Up 

With that said, one needs to understand that following plant based diet is not that hard. Ensure that you are:

Planning goals that make sense for you

Aligning plant based foods to your taste buds 

Getting creative with meal planning 

Eating protein 

Building these four actions into your every day life will help you make the plant based transition in no time! 

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